Individual and band coaching

Bands, vocal groups and choirs

Bands. groups and choirs looking to take the next step in their career work on their stagecraft.

The aim behind the coaching is for the whole group to learn the tools to craft a great show so the group can make choices that support the song when they add new songs to the setlist.

Individual Performance Coaching

“You helped me discover my hips.” Luke Stevenson from Suade

Sometimes an individual band member, usually singers, recognise that they could get so much more out of their performance if they knew how to move. Some shows require a lot more crafting, and instrumentalists who also sing have extra challenges to work with their performance choices.

What’s different about this kind of movement coaching?

  • This is not ‘choreography’. There are lots of great choreographers who can make a movement or dance piece for your group.
  • We work on finding out the best parts of what the band is already doing, and build from there.
  • We work together on movement, not dancing. We look at how the group moves as a whole, and what it communicates to the audience.
  • You learn skills and tools that you can apply to any other kind of set list or performance

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