Your Coach

Zerafina Zara is your Stagecraft Specialist

Telstra Road to Discovery Semi Finalists
Zerafina coached the semi-finalists in the Telstra road to discovery for Mushroom Music

There’s a saying that ‘Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.’

“I hate that saying, ” says Zerafina

Sometimes,  a person can do both, and by doing both, is able to have the inside perspective on the kinds of challenges performers face.

Zerafina sings with a keys player (Keith Nolan), saxaphone player, guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer
Zerafina singing in Apoteka, Bangkok with Keith Nolan’s Love Gone Wrong

There is no-one else doing this kind of work in Australia and very few in the world. Zerafina empowers artists to make performances that reflect their artistic vision- not the vision of a choreographer. Zerafina draws on an understanding of choreography and use of space (though she coaches movement tools, not choreography) as well as voice and musicality.

Having taught voice and performance internationally, for the music industry and Universities, Zerafina draws on a broad range of learning tools to help groups and individuals become better performers.

“My job is to put me out of a job.”

Zerafina coaching the Beckitt Brothers in performance skills
Coaching the Australian A Capella Champions, The Beckitt Brothers in their Stagecraft


 Judging and Stagecraft Masterclasses in Singapore 2016

UNTV interview Zerafina.jpguntv Singapore judge Zerafina giving feedback.jpgZerafina judging with Deke and team Singapore.jpg

Judging the AKA VIII A Cappella competition with Deke Sharon, who is known as the ‘Godfather of A Cappella’ and  luminaries of the Singaporean music scene for an international competition.


Performance Masterclasses for soloists and groups

Coaching performers in how to get the most out of their performance, and giving them tools to apply to other songs.


  • how to amplify the meaning in the lyric
  • how to change the energy in the group
  • how to connect with the audience

Judge and Performance Coach for Aus Aca Championships 2014-2016

Zerafina was brought in as judge for the National Australian Acapella Competition for her expertise in stagecraft and performance, as well as her musicality and understanding of voice.

Group stretches in Brisbane for AusAca Performance Masterclass
Stretching our performance muscles for the AusAca Performance Masterclass in Brisbane 2015
Crowd at AusAca at Deakin Edge at Federation Square, Melbourne. Pre performance movement masterclass with Zerafina.
The AusAca Melbourne contingent, movement masterclass before showtime.

Power posing for increased confidence, Sydney
Power posing for increased confidence, Sydney
The audience at the Australian Acapella competition
The audience for the Australian Acapella Cometition (Aus Aca) Zerafina and the other judges are in the centre balcony at the back of the theatre. Photo by Little Olive Photography

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